SEX! Should the lock-down affect sexual activities?

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Should the lock-down affect sex with your partner?

Fred had been on his computer all morning through noon. Responding to emails and writing reports for his company. He played a crucial role in the office, so the lock-down didn’t do much to change his daily routine. The only difference was that he worked from home now.

He had taken a break as his mind was now preoccupied with other thoughts. It had been weeks since Fred had had any form of intimacy. And this bothered him. Since the nationwide lockdown began, he spent most of waking moments working. Also, prepping his meals and sleeping. He was getting bored of the routine and was getting really cranky.

Fred went into the bathroom for the up-tenth time that day to try his luck again. He was so horny. He brought out his already hardened penis and applied some warm massage oil and started stroking. After five minutes, he got a towel and cleaned the oil off his penis. He was frustrated, for the up-tenth time, he couldn’t achieve orgasm.

Eve, Fred’s fiancé had travelled to Abuja for a conference meeting. This had happened right before the lockdown. Thus, she had had no choice than to stay back till the lockdown was over. As she lay on the bed in her hotel room, her thoughts went to the last time she had sex. It had been the night before she travelled. She remembered vividly the events of that night.

Sex the Night Before The Trip

She was in the bathroom taking a shower when Fred walked in. He moved in behind her, kissing the back of her neck. And his hands moved under her arms to grab her tits. He switched back and forth from kissing, licking and biting her neck while massaging her nipples. He then grabbed her shoulders, gently pushing her to the wall. Her head was thrown back and pupils were dilated with arousal. Fred knew exactly what she wanted.

He got on his knees and pulled her hips apart. He then buried his face in her cheeks. She let out a soft moan as Fred continued to lick her ass, biting and sucking her ass crack. Just when she thought she was going to explode, he turned her around. And again took his position on his knees, in between her legs. Where he had a close-up look at Eve’s pussy. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and smooth. Her pussy lips were swollen and aching to be touched. He leaned in and kissed her labia. Eve shuddered!

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes while biting her lips in ecstasy. Fred used his fingers to pull her pussy lips apart, with his tongue, he licked her clitoris. Her legs wobbled. Fred kept his tongue working on her clit, licking and sucking. Then he inserted a finger into her pussy and began fingering her. Eve screamed! “Please just fuck me now”, she moaned.

Their Predicament

This was the first time Eve and Fred were apart for more than three days. And it had taken a toll on their sex life. Her pussy had become so wet from reliving that moment. Once again, she tried to use her fingers but it felt weird. She wished Fred was with her.

Many of us can relate to Fred and Eve’s story. Having been forced apart from our partners because of the pandemic. But that shouldn’t be a death sentence to our intimacy. We can still enjoy great intimate moments with our partners and achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

Watch this space as we take you on a journey to exploring the best ways to stay sexually connected to your partner during this lock-down.

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