Vine Desirez is a couple-friendly, marital aid and sex toy store based in Nigeria.


At Vine Desirez we Promote Love Through Orgasms. We believe real love can be achieved through healthy sexual satisfaction. 

We stand for sexual liberation and encourage sexual awakening, and we potray this by providing body safe and ethical toys as well as useful resources to help you and your partner achieve sexual satisfaction together.


We deliver worldwide and you privacy is a high priority for us. We understand that you don’t want your package to holler “I just bought a sex toy from Vine Desirez!”, we ensure our discreet packaging doesn’t contain anything that reveals its contents, no branding. And more interesting is, whenever you make a purchase from us using your credit/debit card, Vine Desirez will not be visible in your billing.


Enjoy shopping on store, as we have a lot of satisfaction to offer you.


Hot Kisses,