Rechargeable High-Vacuum Penis Enlargement Extend Pump



Why should you try an electric cock enlargement vacuum pump?
1. By training with this cock pump continuously, It will enlarge and enhance your penis with every push of the suction button. In addition, it not only can be used to treat erectile dysfunction but help take precautions against premature ejaculations and impotence.
2. In daily life, use it as a prelude to your sexual activity, by improving your stamina and performance, making your sexual process lasting and full of passion. This electric vacuum pump is fully automatic without extra effort, If you want to enjoy the most trembling satisfaction, just work your way up to the most intense suction, the long cylinder gives your cock plenty of room for growth in both directions and reaches your ideal size!
How does the vacuum pump work?
1. Insert your cock through the silicone sleeve into the vacuum tube with some lube, then press the + button to turn it on.
2. By checking the pressure value from the top of the pump, adjust to the pressure level that works best for you.
3. With the feeling the air is slowly being pumped away, you can clearly see your cock is growing bigger and stronger from an accurate measurement gauge of the transparent chamber in a short time.
4. If you realize that you are not in a proper position after starting the pump, you can press the pressure release valve button to get your cock released, which can safely protect your cock from getting hurt.
PENIS ENLARGEMENT– The penis pump is designed to generate vacuum suction, which promotes the blood filling the corpus cavernosum repeatedly, thereby promoting the erection of the penis.
4 SUCTION INTENSITIES– 4 pressure levels are available for selection and can train penile erection function gradually. You can work your way up to the most intense suction for your desired satisfaction.
EXTENDING SEX TIME– Increase stamina and extend intimacy with a firmer penis, the penis vacuum pump can be used as a prelude to sex, to make your sexual life as perfect as possible.
SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL– This Penis enlargement device is made of premium quality medical silicone with ABS, Which is skin-friendly. Vacuum pump helping erection has no damage on the body.
EASY TO USE– Pressure up/pressure down/release valve, Easy operation with 3 buttons, Advanced automatic penis pump designed to effectively generate suction and release pressure.


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