You & Me Game

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A beautifully presented game that really is all about you (two)! But will it be “you or me” who enjoys the undivided attention of their partner? Only the dice can decide!

The You and Me Game has 90 Bedroom Challenges to Bring You Even Closer…A game of love and intimacy, but which strategy will you take? Will you give or receive to gain your fantasy?

If you are the lucky partner chosen you can then choose just how you want your treat to be but remember, with hotter actions gaining your partner more points they may reach the winning ten points earlier, and be able to ask for their ultimate wish – it’s a difficult choice!

Every card has 1, 2 or 3 hearts on – these signify the level of the forfeit:
1 heart – an intimate forfeit
2 hearts – a naughty forfeit
3 hearts – a hot forfeit

The winner celebrates by receiving a sexual favour of their choice from their partner, what have you always wished for?

Will you be able to stick to your strategy to claim your ultimate prize, or will the You & Me forfeit carry you away into a world of pleasure where strategies are forgotten?

Contents: 90 Forfeit Cards 8 ‘Special’ Cards 2 ‘Joker’ Cards 1 Die 1 Sand Timer




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