Quick And Dirty Flirty Fun Pack



The Quick and Dirty Flirty Fun Pack Edition has no bad words or explicit content in the game, the topics are designed for an adult audience. The answers you shout can be even more offensive! Use your discretion when choosing to play the flirty fun pack.

Features: It is a series of fast and fun party games. They range from rough/mature to familiar in content. The flirty fun pack is aimed at a mature audience, the recommended playing age is 17 years or older. It can be played as a complete full standalone game. If combined with Black Edition, it expands the content and adds two alternative ways to play. Square cards can be easily read from 4 different directions, allowing anyone sitting around a table to play without being harmed.

Contains 24 cards (23 topics, 1 rule) in a compact box, well for about 15 minutes of fun on your own.


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