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Dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex.

Latex Dental Dam comes from Trustex, the name you have come to trust for birth control and disease prevention with their reliable latex condoms now make fun flavoured dental dams. Latex Dental Dams Oral Sex Condoms by Line One Laboratories Inc. Safe and satisfying! The Latex Dental Dam is made for helping reduce the risk of getting an STD. For the ultimate protection for oral-genital contact during sex, Dental Dams are the best choice. Dental Dams are used to help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex by acting as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that may contain bacteria and viruses. They’re very thin, yet reliable and strong, so your partner gets the most stimulation while you both remain highly protected.

Dental Dams come in a variety of delicious flavours which you know will taste great because they are made by the same company that makes Trustex flavoured condoms. The dental dam is flavoured to make the encounter more enjoyable. Simply place the dam over the place of oral encounter and have a great time!

Scented Latex Dental Dams are a 6 inches by 8 inches sheet of latex rubber scented in 5 delicious

Easy to use: simply place the dam over the place of oral encounter and have a great time!

Note: sexually transmitted diseases may be passed during oral sex. Flavoured personal lubricant over your different erogenous zones and invite your lover to discover them one by one.


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